Reports & Analytics

Occupancy Monitoring

  • Utilization dashboard for intelligent seat management
  • Aggregated dashboards breakdown data by individual agency, department, or individual
  • Real-time view of organization-wide space occupancy
  • Presentation of utilization patterns and trends
  • Drill-down functionality to view the detailed information of each space
  • Filters on interactive floor plans, agencies

Wellness Monitoring

  • Remote, on-premises, visitor, and employee Wellness Check responses
  • Daily reported symptoms and check-in ratios
  • A complete overview of employee booking, visitors, symptoms, and check-in compliance
  • Internal health, hours, and external visitor invitations
  • Exporting data in various formats for further analysis and internal distribution
  • Ability to create customizable reports

Contact Tracing

  • Smart map imaging provides essential measurements to pinpoint on-premises locations
  • Automatic notifications are sent to business leaders to report critical-level Wellness Surveys
  • Connect employee interactions based on time and location within a facility at any given time

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