Safely Reopen Campuses

  • Touchless check-in & check-out process for the staff, faculty, students and visitors
  • Intelligent office space and class space management with built-in logic for social distancing
  • Interactive navigation with location markers for first aid, defibrillator stations, emergency exits, and hand sanitizer stations
  • Contact Tracing – enable the ability to identify staff, faculty, vendors, visitors, and students who may need to be tested for COVID-19

Campus Protection Features

  • Regular health check monitoring
  • Optional thermal scanning integration
  • Workspace Sanitation Management platform to put employees and students at ease


  • Occupancy reports with data divided by classrooms, auditoriums, floors, buildings, and vehicles
  • Monitor the health status of staff, faculty, students, and visitors
  • Verify staff, faculty, students, and visitor check-ins
  • Ability to customize reports according to the COVID-19 response plan
    • Edu 360 Dashboard
    • Occupancy Dashboard
    • District Wellness Summary

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